MCC Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program

Medical Cannabis Practitioner Training Program

MEDICAL CANNABIS PRACTITIONER                                                                                 CERTIFICATION PROGRAM


What is a Medical Cannabis Practitioner?

A Medical Cannabis Practitioner is an individual who has gained knowledge and experience in the use of cannabis in treating a medical condition; and provides consultation services and products for patients who have a physician’s approval for the medicinal use of cannabis.

Where Does a Medical Cannabis Practitioner Fit in the Field of Medicine?

Until the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) changes the current Schedule I Classification of cannabis, Medical Cannabis Practitioners provide services under the medical system known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

The National Institute of Health defines CAM as any medical system, practice, or product that is not thought of a “standard or conventional” care.   There are five (5) categories of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Cannabis fits squarely under the “Biologically Based Practices” that include “herbal” products.

Practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine are required, under California state law, to provide a Disclaimer that states their experience and training related to providing services to the patient.

The Need for Medical Cannabis Practitioners

Federal restriction, on what information a physician may provide to a patient regarding cannabis, combined with over 80 years of cannabis prohibition, created the need for Practitioners who could provide information regarding the medicinal use of cannabis including side effects, dosing, overdosing, potency, ingestion methods and product formulas for different medical conditions.

Opportunities for Medical Cannabis Practitioners


With the legalization of adult recreational use, SB 94 Regulations, related to the medicinal use of cannabis, grants a “Retailer License Exemption” for Health Care Facility (HCF) Licensees. The Retailer License Exemption authorizes HCF Licensees to provide medical cannabis products for their Clients.

The Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program trains Practitioners to assist HCF Licensees in providing medicinal cannabis services and products under the License Exemption and complying with the SB 94 Regulations related the sale of medicinal cannabis.


Although Cannabis Retailers, licensed under SB 94, may provide cannabis products for BOTH recreational and medicinal use. The majority of the SB 94 licensed Retailers have little or no informational services for patients who are using cannabis to treat a specific medical condition e.g. glaucoma, seizure, Practitioners who are experienced and knowledgeable in assisting patients who have no experience with the medicinal use of cannabis, provide an invaluable service to a licensed cannabis Retailer.


Participants in the Medicinal Cannabis Practitioner Program include chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, herbalists, nutritionists and other health care professionals who are interested in providing cannabis services and products as part of their services.


The MCC Practitioner Training Program teaches licensed health care professionals, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses and massage therapists, how to include medicinal cannabis services and products among the services they provide.

The Medical Cannabis Caregivers Program


The objective of the Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program is to teach participants the California SB 94 Regulations related to the medicinal use of cannabis and provide the education and clinical experience that will enable participants to provide information, services and products for patients who have a physician approval for the medicinal use of cannabis.


The MCC established the Landmark Research Collective to provide a clinical teaching environment for the Practitioner Program. Participants are required to complete twenty (20) hours of clinical training.

Participants, who are unable to attend clinical training on-site at the Landmark, may use a live streaming link to observe the interaction between patient and Practitioner.


Module I: Cannabis as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Module II: Senate Bill 94: medicinal and adult use of cannabis

Module III: Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Module IV: Work Study/Reading Assignments

Module V: Patient Intake and Forms

Module VI:  Product Inventory and Sources

Module VII:  Tele-Health

Module VIII: Patient Data Collection

Module IX:  Work study/Reading Assignments



Joe Grumbine is an Extraction Specialist, Product Formulator, Manufacturer, Cultivator, Collective Operator,  and Founder of the Human Solutions.

He has over 30 years of experience as a producer of herbal products under the Willow Creek Springs label.

Joe Grumbine is widely known for his extensive knowledge and experience in the development and production of cannabis-based products that are unsurpassed in the medical cannabis industry.


Liz McDuffie has held the roles of Director and Instructor at MCC since 2006.  As the Director, Ms. McDuffie is responsible for the development of the MCC educational program. Ms. McDuffie is also the Founder of Landmark Research Collective in Pasadena, California. The Collective is California’s first clinical teaching dispensary for Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Practitioners specializing in cannabis therapeutics.

In 2018 the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) approved Ms. McDuffie’s Class on Senate Bill 94 “Retailer Licensing Exemption” for Licensees of Health Care Facilities.   The Class is offered under the CDSS Continuing Education Program for Licensing Re-certification.

Ms. McDuffie serves on the Advisory Board for the National Institute of Health (NIH) Study of Cannabis Use Among Adults in Los Angeles County.

Practitioner Certification

The MCC issues a Practitioner Certification to the Participants who have successfully completed the Program assignments and clinical training related to providing medicinal cannabis services and products under SB 94 Regulations for the medicinal use of cannabis.




Participants have (5) working days, after the Program starting date, to obtain a full refund if not satisfied with the Program.

To Apply

Please complete the Application Form below.  Applicants are contacted for an interview prior to Registration for the Program.

To Apply

Please complete the Application Form below.  Application are reviewed by the Director and Applicants are scheduled for an Interview prior to starting the Program.

These videos show Joseph Bekkedal, a Medical Cannabis Practitioner, at the Huntington Hospital in 2017.  Joseph is demonstrating the dosing of a cannabis product and the application of a cannabis ointment on a patient recovering from knee surgery. The patient was approved by her primary care physician for the use of medical cannabis for pain management. The video shows nurses, who are responsible for the care of the patient, taking notes.