The MCC Information & Resource Center recently served as a “Model” for the Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Information & Resource Center founded by Ashleigh Rosson.  The Center has been featured on CBS News.  See Video

MCC Partner Program: Medical Cannabis

The MCC Medical Cannabis Information & Resource Center, established in 2006, serves as a Model that is used to demonstrate how to start and operate a community-based Center that provides educational resources that are urgently needed by patients who are using cannabis to treat a medical condition.

The Medical Cannabis Information & Resource Center operates under a City License and is legally able to provide the following services and products:

  • Physician Approvals for Medicinal Use of Cannabis via Tele-Medicine
  • MCC Live 6-Plant Indoor Cultivation System
  • Medical Cannabis Practitioner Training Program
  • Practitioner HIPAA Compliant Consultation on-site and on-line
  • Bookstore/Juice Kiosk
  • CBD and Hemp Products 

The MCC Partner Program provides the Business Plan and consulting services, as requested, to start and operate a Medical Cannabis Information & Resource Center based on the MCC Model. 

Building a  Positive Relationship with the City and Community

Many cities have an Ordinance prohibiting a “retail license” for the sale of cannabis products. The Medical Cannabis Information & Resource Center helps build a positive relationship with City officials and the community.

As Cities adopt Ordinances that permit City Licensing for the retail sale of cannabis, the Information & Resource Center stands front and center as candidates for Licensing.

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