This video features Ashleigh Rosson, an MCC Client who opened an Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center based on the MCC model.

MCC Partner Program: Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center

The MCC is announcing a Partner Program developed for individuals who are interested in opening a Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center.

The Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center is a community-based Center that provides patient consultation regarding the medicinal use of cannabis, the physician’s approval required for medicinal use, the State regulations related to the medicinal use of cannabis, classes and workshops, patient data collection, book store, hemp products, and more

Building a Road to City Licensing

Most cities still have an Ordinance prohibiting a “retail license” for the sale of cannabis products. A primary goal of the Information and Resource Center is to build a positive relationship with City officials by providing professional information and services for the community.

The MCC Partner Program provides

  1. Consultation on
    a) Start Up and Operation Budget
    b) Location
    c) Income Projection
  2. Obtaining City Licensing for Information and Resource Center
  3. How to set up and provide the following Services and Resources
    a) Physician Approvals On-Line via HIPAA Compliant Tele-Medicine
    b) On-site Patient Consultations on the medicinal use of cannabis provided by
    MCC trained Practitioners
    c) On-line Patient Consultations via HIPAA Compliant Tele-Health
  4. Educational Classes and Workshops
    a) MCC 6-plant Indoor Cultivation Class suitable for hydroponic or soil
    b) Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program
    a) Patient Orientation on the Medicinal Use of Cannabinoids
    b) Overview of California Senate Bill 94 Regulations related to medicinal and
    adult use of cannabis
  5. City Liaison
    a) Health Care Facilities and Senior Services Organizations
    b) Reports for City Council

The MCC Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center “Model” was recently implemented by Ashleigh Rosson, who operates the Oklahoma Medical Information Resource Center, next door to her State licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary. The Information and Resource Center has been featured on CBS News.

For additional information on the MCC Partner Program, complete the Registration Form:

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