Medical cannabis use is legal in California

California Health and Safety Code 11362.5, sometimes known as Proposition 215 or the Compassionate Use Act, was passed in 1996. It legalizes the use of cannabis in the state for legitimate medical purposes. There are certain restrictions, however, and the general use of cannabis, or marijuana, by the populace was not legalized by this legislation. It is absolutely necessary for a doctor to recommend that seriously ill patients use medical marijuana, or get at least beware of the medical marijuana help available. Also, it is mandatory that the cannabis be obtained from a legally recognized source. The Medical Cannabis Caregivers Directory provides an opportunity for legal sources to place themselves on a list of medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Access to this convenient and searchable online list is provided to patients and also to the populace at large.

Search list of medical marijuana dispensaries in California

The Medical Cannabis Caregivers Directory website contains an interactive list of medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Doctors and clinics providing care, services and treatment related to the medicinal use of marijuana may also be located through the service. Patients under a physician's recommendation to use cannabis may access this database via the website to find the source or physician closest to them. Legitimate suppliers and doctors wishing to add themselves to the list may do so by contacting the directory. Please note that the list is public and may be accessed by anyone so that a friend or loved one may search on the patient's behalf.

To use the directory, simply choose whether you are searching for physicians or caregivers. You may elect to investigate within a specific county or, if desired, the search can instead be performed within a radius specified by the user around a selected zip code. This site only contains information relevent to the state of California.